Industrial News: A modern robot solution created in Estonia helps Ericsson to produce more efficiently

Ericsson, a developer and manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, has been operating in Estonia for over a quarter of a century and has introduced both 4G and 5G mobile network technology to the market. New technology for smart production has also been developed. The company also uses modern robot solutions, one of them is an assembly robot developed by the Estonian machine builder Hoob OÜ.


Rainer Koorem, Production Development Lead at Ericsson:

The automation project focused on more routine and precision operations. These include, for example, turning screws, adding thermal paste, glue and other flowable materials, and routine precision fitting of smaller parts. “We saw a big quality risk in the manual installation of tiny adapters, because in some products it is necessary to insert more than a hundred of them. We did a thorough analysis, asked for offers from many companies from here and across the border, and found a partner from Estonia in the form of Hoob OÜ to build a robot for installing adapters.” 

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