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HOOB creates factory automation solutions and offers machine building service.

Founded by engineers

Since 2006, the company’s founders have been involved in the international manufacturing industry. Both worked in a field where they developed new products and implemented them in production. Over the years, learning from different projects and factories all over the world, they understood what the key elements required to start and ramp up production were. Having strong partners with know-how in production technology and the ability to build well-designed production lines is a key to any successful manufacturing project. Based on the insight that companies need a better factory automation service, Hoob was founded in 2014.


Hoob OÜ meeskond

Trusted partner for industry

Our customers are manufacturing companies that need high-quality and efficient automation solutions. We help our OEM customers develop and manufacture machinery for implementing technologies into real life applications. Our strategy is to provide turnkey factory automation solutions – design, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales support. Our product portfolio includes standardised solutions that are adapted to each customer’s specific requirements.


Hoob`s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001 and environment management system is certified to ISO14001.

HOOB OÜ kuulub AAA krediidireitingu kõrgeimasse klassi. Sellise reitingu on saavutanud ainult 3.9% kõigist Eesti ettevõtetest.

HOOB OÜ krediidireiting

Industry memberships

Since 2019 Hoob belongs to Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry





Since 2019 Hoob belongs to Estonian Electronics Industries Association

How it all started?

Hoob was founded in 2014 by mechatronics engineer Priit Raid and mechanical engineer Tanel Sildnik. In their previous careers they had been working with projects in electronics, telecom and automotive industries. Developing new products and launching them into production in many factories all over the world gave valuable experience. Common understanding of the skillset and equipment what is needed to ramp up assembly lines and new machines, was the starting point of a new venture. This is how Hoob was founded.


What does hoob mean?

Hoob is a technical word for “lever” or “bar” in Estonian. It helps to lift heavy items or start up systems. We believe it describes the soul of our company perfectly and by choosin a name like this, we have written it into our DNA.



  • Our key industries are automotive, electronics, medical and the food industry.
  • Our team consists of 17 superb engineers and specialists who have over 80 years’ experience in product development and manufacturing combined.
  • We have delivered more than 50 turnkey projects all around the world.
  • In the product development and manufacturing process we use modern tools like CAD, PDM and MRP to ensure effective work processes.
  • We support the development and prosperity of Estonian industry – we co-operate with professional associations like Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry and Estonian Electronics Industries Association

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