Assembly Cell With Rotary Index Table

Automotive industry is an area of high quality where there is no room for error. The quantities of components produced for vehicles are high and they are mostly mass-produced, with quantities exceeding millions. In order to be competitive in such a market, it is necessary to produce efficiently and with high quality.


The aim of the project was to solve the task of assembling seat belt tongues together with quality control of the production process.

  • Assembly and Press-fit
  • UV marking
  • Quality and component position control
  • Marking verification
  • Scrap sorting
  • Registration of results in the database


Semi-automated assembly cell on Rotary Index Machine platform that includes quality control, marking and as well as sorting process.

  • 5 position rotary indexing turntable
  • Manual component feeding
  • Quality control by machine vision and touch probe
  • Press-fit assembly station
  • UV printing
  • Sorting conveyor

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