Factory Automation

We find a way to automate your production process.

Our key strength is a broad approach to problems, which means that we think with the customer and offer new ideas to improve the efficiency of the production process. Not only do we manufacture devices according to the customer’s wishes, but we also think out of the box to find ways to increase the customer’s efficiency. Our work begins with the selection of the technology and the design and development, and only then do we reach the necessary production line or equipment production, testing, installation, and user training.

Turnkey solutions – design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance.

Our product portfolio includes standardised production lines, robotic systems, test systems, conveyors, workstations, and fixtures, which we adapt to suit the needs of each individual customer. We manufacture the necessary equipment both for the introduction of new products and for the efficiency of the existing production processes.

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Automated Cells With a fully automated production line, it is possible to produce high-quality products in large quantities. Read more
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Assembly Lines Semi-automated production lines have complex processes automated for people. Read more
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Mobile Robots We integrate mobile robot turnkey solutions. Mobile robots help industry move products or materials autonomously from one place to another. Read more
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Industrial Robots We program and install industrial robots to automate production operations. We develop and manufacture robot systems. Read more
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Test Automation Test systems for the automatic testing of electrical and mechanical products. Read more
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Conveyors Belt conveyors, chain conveyors and roller conveyors. We manufacture complete conveyor system special solutions designed according to the customer's needs. Read more

Production line for food industry

We developed and installed a complete production solution in a factory in the field of food industry. The production line […]

Pick and Place Assembly Cell

As it is very difficult for a person to handle small components in high speed and accuracy , it was necessary to automate the production process.

Assembly line for the production of ABB drives

The aim of the project was to create an assembly line for ABB, which will make the assembly of frequency converters more efficient and user-friendly.


Stories of our customers.

HOOB is a reliable partner for every production company. With us, you can be sure that, until the end of the final project and beyond, we will think with the customer and be ready to further develop automation and robotics solutions.

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