Pick and Place Assembly Cell

There are many repeatable activities in electronics industry that require high precision, quality and a stable process. In this application, it is necessary to place hundreds or thousands of components on a circuit board with high accuracy. To solve this task, we developed, manufactured and installed a fully automatic assembly device based on a 3-axis Cartesian robot system.


The aim of the project was to create an automatic production device for a product consisting of both solid and liquid components, as well as medium-sized and extremely small particles.

  • Dosing a viscous liquid
  • Accurate dosing of small particles
  • Deformation of the material by a controlled method
  • Quality control


To automate the production process, we designed, manufactured, and implemented an automated device that included both a raw material feeder, assembly, and quality control.

  • 3-axis Cartesian robot system with gripper
  • vibratory hoppers and vibratory feeders for feeding components
  • camera system and lighting, robot control by machine vision
  • quality control with laser sensors and camera
  • device user panel (HMI) with PLC control software

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