Belt Conveyor

Our standard belt conveyor for light and medium-weight products. The flat belt conveyor is simple but versatile solution for wide range of applications.

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Application examples

Belt conveyors are often a key element in the automation of production processes. This conveyor is ideal for linking machines as well as assembly and work stations. It helps to reduce unproductive transport times in your production line and enables to free up resources for other operations.

Belt conveyor provides quiet and smooth motion. It is suitable from smallest of components up to large carton boxes. By choosing an antistatic belt, the conveyor can handle components that are sensitive to static electricity. In case of piled goods or bulky items, the conveyor can be equipped with side supports to guide the products while moving.

By choosing a desired loading and unloading height it can be configured as a inclining or declining belt conveyor. Due to large contact area between product and belt, it has high traction coefficient for angled applications. We use standardized Minitec profile system in the frame construction. This conveyor is an efficient, flexible and robust solution for wide range of applications.

Technical information

  • L, length of conveyor (500-6000mm)
  • W, width of conveyor belt (100-1200 mm)
  • H1, loading height (80-1200mm)
  • H2, unloading height (80-1200mm)
  • PVC or antistatic conveyor belt
  • Adjustable feet that allow +/-10 mm adjustment for levelling on the floor
  • Control cabinet (230V or 400V)
  • Side supports for product guiding
  • Floor fastenings
  • Conveyor drive motor, SEW
    • Power 0,18…0,37 kW (depends on the conveyor load)
    • Voltage 400V, 3phase (in case of 230V frequency inverter is used)
    • Gear ratio depends on belt speed
  • Drive motor placement – right-hand or left-hand
  • Drive and driven shafts are made of steel in case of 50 mm shafts or made of aluminium and steel in case of 95 mm shafts
  • Belt speed – conveyor belt movement speed can be fixed or adjustable
  • Conveyors are meant to be used indoors, in normal air temperature and humidity.

Ordering information

Standard configurations:

  • Quotation – 4 to 8 working hours
  • Delivery time – 20 working days

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