Machine Building

We offer contract manufacturing service of machines for customers looking to focus on their core business. We help OEMs bring their products to market faster and integrate technologies into machines. We are a reliable development and production partner for the customer. Our core competencies are design, manufacturing and delivery of machines.

The production service covers the entire production process, from the procurement of components, assembly, testing, and quality control to the production of spare parts. As a value-added service, we offer design and engineering services to develop automated machinery.

Manufacturing and procurement of components

We manufacture special products; we procure standard components and manufacture pre-assemblies.

Reliable supplier base for metal and plastic components:

  • CNC machining (plastics, steel, aluminium)
  • Sheet metal components
  • Welded assemblies
  • Surface treatment (anodising, galvanising, painting)
  • The procurement and assembly of components

Final assembly

  • The assembly of mechanical components (frames, actuators, bearings, guides, structural elements, cylinders)
  • Automation, installation and the assembly of control panels (control systems, cabling, marking, voltage, testing, pneumatics)
  • Software loading, sensors, actuator configuration, functionality testing (servomotors, stepper motors, robotic systems)


To ensure the quality of the product, we create the necessary control plans. Together with the customer, we develop step-by-step activities and tools for checking product functions.

  • End product functionality tests:
    • Electrical tests
    • Mechanical tests
  • Product quality controls
  • Generating test reports
  • Carrying out compliance checks and creating documentation

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Production planning

Efficient planning is a key element in any production site. We use Manufacturing Planning Software to have a clear overview of our materials, orders and planning processes. Our work processes are digitised:

  • production software to plan orders, purchases and production
  • real-time overview of orders and production resources
  • exact price and delivery time estimations to customer

Quality management

Our company has developed processes to ensure quality, and we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our activities. The Hoob OÜ management system has been inspected and certified according to the following standards:

  • ISO9001 (quality management system)
  • 14001 (environmental management system)

These standards ensure that the development, production, installation and after-care of our automation and robotics solutions meet international requirements.

Design and Engineering

As an added value to the production service, we offer our customers a product development service. We develop and optimise products. Our engineers have the ability to design mechanics, electrical systems and industrial software.

Automation Engineering

  • Automation systems development (Eplan software)
  • Software development for industrial applications (Siemens, B&R, Mitsubishi, ABB, Festo, etc)
  • Software development for industrial controllers (PLC)
  • Implementation of communication protocols (PROFINET, Profibus, Powerlink, Modbus, OPC UA, etc)
  • Machine Vision
    • Development of Vision Guided Robotics
    • Industrial camera systems for contactless inspection of products and processes. Cognex 2D cameras, 3D cameras and code readers.

Mechanical Engineering

We offer design and engineering for mechanical solutions. We can create solutions from concept and bring to final production drawings.

  • Mechanical engineering and system design
  • 3D modeling (Solidworks software)
  • Creation of manufacturing and assembly drawings
  • Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
    • Optimizing details for more efficient production
  • Bill Of Materials
  • Creating machine documentation and manuals
  • Project management

Production line for food industry

We developed and installed a complete production solution in a factory in the field of food industry. The production line […]

Pick and Place Assembly Cell

As it is very difficult for a person to handle small components in high speed and accuracy , it was necessary to automate the production process.

Assembly line for the production of ABB drives

The aim of the project was to create an assembly line for ABB, which will make the assembly of frequency converters more efficient and user-friendly.


Stories of our customers.

HOOB is a reliable partner for every production company. With us, you can be sure that, until the end of the final project and beyond, we will think with the customer and be ready to further develop automation and robotics solutions.

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